State of Mind – Vol 1


I’m one of those people who loves new beginnings, and I believe that our minds are very powerful things! The way you set your mind is often times (hmmm… surprising? or not-so-surprising?) the way that your life will turn out. And I do believe that your thoughts have even MORE power if you share them outloud with friends and family, since then there are folks who can keep you accountable to whatever it is you say you’re up to in life. I also believe in the power of GRATITUDE… saying out loud what you are thankful for each day. That little trick works wonders every time I’m feeling low. To these ends, I’ve created a template to help declare what’s on your heart and mind. Use them to share with your friends and family what is important to you… what makes a difference in life… what keeps you going! Share your story today.

This template includes:

  • 4 12×12 300 dpi digital scrapbook templates


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